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COVID-19 Service Update

Mind in Croydon’s Recovery Space remains open to referrals. We are continuing provide face to face crisis support in adherence to the Government COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. We also offer remote support.

What is the Recovery Space?

What is the Recovery Space? A non-clinical, safe space for a maximum of 10 persons per evening (delivered in a flexible manner, providing both face to face and remote online / telephone support where needed). A supportive environment for people in social mental health distress as an alternative to using other crisis services. Short term support for an initial 4 weeks with the possibility for two Recovery Support Group sessions (total 6 weeks).

Who can refer?

The Recovery Space will accept referrals who have been fully assessed and clinically cleared. They do not accept self-referrals or drop-ins.

Eligible for referral: Any person aged over 18 years old. Appears distressed, anxious, low in mood, or agitated without significantly disturbed behavior. Current situation may be as a result of, or exacerbated by social issues such as relationships, family/carers, housing. Person has the capacity to understand the reason for referral and the support that can be offered. Can access and care for themselves independently within the Recovery Space unless accompanied by one adult carer. Has been fully assessed and clinically cleared by one of our trusted assessor partnerships.

Not eligible for referral: Appear to require urgent assessment and or treatment by a secondary MH service. Are behaving in an aggressive or disturbed manner and may be a risk to others. Appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Is assessed to be at high risk of self-harm / suicide. Have a primary diagnosis of Dementia, Severe Learning Disabilities and/or Autism. Those with a primary mental health issues and mild to moderate LD / Autism will be able to access the service. Are not able to understand or assessed to lack capacity to engage in the assessment or referral process. Are not able to care for themselves independently in the Recovery Space.