Croydon Service User Network (SUN)

Croydon Personality Disorder Service
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The SUN Project is for people who have longstanding emotional and behavioral problems (personality disorder), and who may feel they do not get adequate support from mainstream services. It has been designed for service users and in consultation with them.

The SUN aims to reduce the common experiences of isolation and being overwhelmed by feeling stuck in a pattern of behavior.

Group Framework

Introduction and Feedback 45mins
• Name round and Check in
• Feedback from last group read from group book
• Feedback from staff team

Break 15mins

Main part 50mins
• Depends on day (CASP/Welcome, Practical or Support)
• Subject available
• Wishes of members

Break 10mins

Reflection and planning; aim to allocate as: 30mins
• review of activity in group, if necessary plans for evening (20mins)
• group book