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Who are Centre Of Change Project?

Centre of Change are a counselling and mentoring service based in New Addington, that reaches out to children,  young people and families all over. They work with anyone experiencing distress or any other emotional issues that may disrupt daily life. This is achieved through listening to clients and guiding them to positive activities. They offer long and short-term counselling, to suit individual needs.

Who works for Centre of Change Project?      

Centre of Change Project recruits multi-cultural volunteers with different experiences of life to give support to children, young people and families in need of some assistance. They offer them an environment where they can express their concerns safely, without fear or prejudice.  Centre of Change Project also serves to educate and increase awareness for parents to have a better understanding of their child’s behavior, so that they too can also aid in supporting them.

Who is involved?

Centre of Change project is run and managed by a locally based management committee which consist of young people and adults, as a community organisation. They also work in collaboration with local service providers such as: schools, Probation Services, Social Services and various other organisations within the local community. Centre of Change Project is also recognised and supported by Croydon Council.