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Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) currently operates over 60 services in communities across Scotland providing mental health social care support, homelessness, addictions and employment services, among others.

These services together with their national programme work in See Me, respectmesuicide prevention, sport and physical activity; inform their policy and campaign work to influence positive social change.

See SAMH’s View Suicide Prevention here: SAMH View – Suicide Prevention

Here are some of the types of services SAMH offer across Scotland:

Therapeutic Horticulture

SAMH horticulture services have a therapeutic impact on mental health recovery.

Peer support

SAMH peer support workers, each with their own experience of mental health problems, support others towards recovery. 


SAMH National Employment Team helps people into work, training or education.

Community Engagement

SAMH support people living with mental health problems towards recovery and engagement in the wider community.


SAMH provide preventative work and practical support to individuals who are homeless or at risk.


SAMH help people in their recovery from addiction.   

Active Living

SAMH champion active living as a vehicle for improving and maintaining good mental health and wellbeing. 

Suicide prevention

Everyday SAMH works to prevent suicide through interventions and training.

Supported Accommodation

SAMH provide emotional and practical support to people on a daily basis including living skills to help them keep their home.

Mental Health Outreach

Provides housing support and outreach to people in their own homes where staff support people to develop, regain and maintain independent living skills.