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Welcome to www.guide-hear-us.org 

www.guide-hear-us.org is an online guide to Croydon’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Services and National Mental Health services in England, Scotland and Wales. This website has been created by Hear Us in Croydon. Originally this information as part of our website, but we have separated the ‘Online Guide’ and local services in Croydon and Bromley and moved them to this new website.

Hear Us are a mental health charity based and operating in Croydon and near Croydon. To find out more about us please click on our website link here: Hear Us 

Hear Us are a separate charity to the other charities/organisations listed on this website but we run this website for the benefit of everyone concerned.

If you are a mental health charity and or know of any mental health charity either operating Nationally or locally to Croydon and/or Bromley please do contact us so we can include your organisation on this website. 

Contact us via our main website here and/or to find out more information about Hear Us services click on: www.hear-us.org