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Wheels for Wellbeing exists to enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the physical, emotional, practical and social benefits of cycling.

Removing barriers to cycling

Since 2007 Wheels for Wellbeing worked with thousands of disabled children and adults who face barriers to taking part in any physical activity. Informed by life-changing personal experience of disabled trustees, staff and volunteers, they’re determined to show that anyone can enjoy cycling, given the right equipment, support and environment.


More disabled people in the UK will cycle for everyday journeys – transport, leisure or exercise – and cycle routes will be inclusive and accessible.


They follow a person-centred approach based on the Social Model of Disability. They work to remove or overcome any barriers that prevent an individual from cycling.

They aim to be accessible to all, regardless of age or impairment.

Help change attitudes and create positive perceptions of disability (and cyclists).

Wheels for Wellbeing are user-led and a voice for disabled cyclists.

All their work is informed by practical experience of disabled people discovering, using and enjoying cycling.