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Renewal invitations: posted out on 23rd April 2018 and renewal is due by 15th May 2018. If you have not yet renewed, please do so now by completing the form below. If you have not renewed your membership by this date we will remove your membership and details from our records. You can always rejoin Hear Us when-ever you wish.

Renew you Hear Us Member and we’ll keep you up-to-date with all of the latest mental health news. We’ll let you know about Hear Us events and groups in your area. And we’ll support you to get your voice heard and Membership is free.

All members receive:

  • Regular update and the latest Hear Us news and information about events near you
  • The chance to vote for our trustees and even to become a trustee yourself
  • Your very own Hear Us Membership Card.

Opportunities for members

Renew your Hear Us Member and get involved in the work Hear Us does in all sorts of ways. Potential opportunities include:

  • Becoming a Peer Support Worker with the Linkworking Project; and supporting other service users whilst helping to improve our mental health services.
  • Coming along to our monthly Open Forums to join our campaigns to have your voice heard.
  • Joining our Reachout Challenge volunteers and help fight sigma and discrimination.
  • Helping fund raise to support the work of Hear Us.
  • Help with office based opportunities.
  • Or become a Trustee.

Remember Hear Us Membership is totally free and with your support, you can help us to improve the services we receive