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Croydon Reablement Service
Promoting Independence, Health and Well-being

Croydon Reablement Service works with people for 6-12 weeks who would otherwise need the support of a mental health team, to build skills, strength and resilience focusing on practical and social aspects of their lives. The aim is to reduce or remove the individual’s need for mental health services.The service is for Croydon residents aged 18-65, whose medication is prescribed by their GP and mental health has been relatively stable for a period of three months. People must be motivated to attend weekly appointments.Support will be given to assist the person to identify goals they wish to work towards during the 6-12 weeks and to make progress towards achieving these.Examples of areas people have identified goals in have included:

  • Voluntary work
  • Increasing social networks
  • Paid employment
  • Building self confidence
  • Improved self care
  • Structuring their time more positively
  • Developing leisure interests
  • Developing positive coping strategies

Reablement actively encourages family and friends to be involved where the individual wishes this as it helps achieve better outcomes.People can be referred to Reablement via their GP or mental health teams.