OASIS Croydon

OASIS Croydon

What OASIS do

OASIS is a health service for young people aged 14-35, who are experiencing psychological distress. These experiences might include:

  • Struggling to cope at school, college or work
  • Preferring to spend time alone, away from family and friends
  • Feeling anxious, irritable or depressed
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
  • Confused or muddled thinking
  • Feeling that things and people seem strange or unreal
  • Constantly thinking about particular ideas or beliefs
  • Unusual experiences like seeing or hearing things that other people can’t.

OASIS provide care for people living in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Croydon. OASIS team includes Psychologists, Doctors and Key workers. OASIS offer individual and family therapy, medical consultation, and practical support with issues such as housing and finances.

OASIS aim is to reduce the risk of difficult experiences becoming worse, and to improve peoples’ wellbeing. OASIS hope to help people get their lives back on track and move forward in whatever ways they consider most important and meaningful.