Perinatal Community Service (Croydon)

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The Perinatal Community Service (Croydon) is a specialist antenatal and postnatal assessment and treatment service. We provide care and support for women who are experiencing Complex Mental Health problems during pregnancy and the post natal period, women who suffer from Post natal depression, Post Partum Psychosis or who have had a relapse of a serious mental health problem following the birth of their baby.

The Team cares for women who live in the Borough of Croydon.
The Team brings together specialist Perinatal Staff, including Senior Nurses, Clinical Psychologist, a GP Trainee, a Consultant Psychiatrist, an Administrator and Students. We provide care coordination and outpatient clinic appointments.

The aim is to provide mental health assessment and treatment during the ante natal and the post natal period. The service helps to maintain the mother’s mental health, develop a relationship between the mother and the baby, reduce the impact of mother’s mental illness on the child, and provide support with mother’s journey to recovery up to the first year of baby’s life.

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