Most people with learning disabilities live in a world where decisions that affect them are made by non-learning disabled people.

Change believe people with learning disabilities are the experts on the changes they need to lead a good quality of life and to get equal access to employment, healthcare, housing, community involvement and information they can understand. CHANGE is built on this belief.

The majority of Change’s Board of Trustees are Disabled People, including people with learning disabilities.

They employ experts with learning disabilities in leadership roles.

Their skilled volunteers with learning disabilities participate actively to help deliver our services.

People with learning disabilities are central to their organisation and are involved fully in co-delivering their work.

How Change Work:

Change is committed to creating employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities in skilled jobs.

Change operates on a co-working model which means employees with learning disabilities work alongside non-learning disabled colleagues with equal job responsibility and on equal pay.

Employees with learning disabilities co-run projects, co-deliver training and co-create accessible information. Change volunteers with learning disabilities quality check accessible information and provide website and access audits. This ensures the views of people with learning disabilities are represented which enriches our understanding of the barriers and how to address them.

Change work on a local, national and international level which gives them a global perspective and knowledge of innovative ways to influence legislative and perspective change.

As a not for profit organisation, all the money Change make from sales of their products and services help them to continue building opportunities for people with learning disabilities to participate equally in society and lead change.

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