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Hear Us are looking for ‘Service User Expert Champions’ to attend a range of mental health service development meetings within Croydon NHS (PCT), Croydon Council, South London & Maudsley NHS, Croydon Police and Local Community Groups. At these meetings Croydon’s mental health services are discussed; with the aim to steer services to provide the best care, treatment and support to people with mental health issues in their recovery.

As an Expert Champion you will represent the voice of service users at these meetings. You will need to be able to:

  • Prepare for meetings by being familiar with the items on the agenda and the related issues, getting support where necessary from the Hear Us Coordinator
  • Attend regularly meetings. These usually happen monthly or every six weeks. Sometimes meetings have sub groups that meet between the normal cycle of meetings. You will be work in teams of two
  • Report back to other service users on developments taking place within these services, through the Hear Us forums and newsletter.

Although it is important to bring your experience as a service user to these meetings it is vital that you are you are able to represent and be familiar with a range of service user issues.
As a representative from the Croydon’s mental health service user community you will act as the voice for local people accessing services
If you are interested in acting as an ‘Service User Expert Champion’ please contact Tim Oldham

Tel: 020 8681 6888