Advocacy First

Advocacy First

An advocate will listen, understand, support and speak out on behalf of people who cannot speak for themselves.

This is the foundation of the work carried out at Advocacy First.

Advocacy First is an independent, locally based charity established in 1998.

It offers a free and confidential service, working in partnership with local authorities and other organisations.

They aim to ensure that people have easy access to advocacy services, which can range from short-term help and support, to the support of self-advocacy.

Advocacy First offer our services for patients in hospital in the London Borough of Bromley.

The basic principle of advocacy is to offer support and speak on behalf of people who, for one reason or another, are unable to do so themselves.

Being offered support and options can help a client to make their own decisions and choices. Clients are encouraged to help themselves whenever possible, encouraging independence whilst still providing advocacy support.

Each year, Advocacy First, formerly known as Bromley Advocacy Alliance, help people from all walks of life. The service is free and confidential; clients can feel entirely confident that no action or discussion will take place without their consent.

Advocacy First work in partnership with other organisations where appropriate and beneficial. Sometimes they may have to make referrals to other organisations when advocacy is not the answer to a problem.

Continuing Care Advocacy

Offer support for patients who have been hospitalised. Older patients in particular can feel vulnerable when they face having to leave hospital. They will support and represent them at meetings with medical and nursing staff to ensure that their voice is heard. Advocates, working in partnership with local authorities and relevant organisations, can assist in reducing patient stress and help instil confidence by ensuring that plans are in place for future accommodation.

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