The APCMH service is for anybody who has, or is recovering from, mental illness or distress


You are welcome to:

  • Come and go as they please
  • Meet people who will listen when they want to talk
  • Enjoy a place that will accept them as they are
  • A place with clear and respectful guidelines
  • Real opportunities to have a say in the running of the organisation

Open access – anybody who feels they have, or are recovering from, mental illness or distress

  • Croydon APCMH is affiliated to the National APCMH, founded in 1986.
  • Whilst founded by members of the Christian community, they are an open organisation and actively encourage participation of members of all faith communities and also those of no religious commitment.
  • They welcome all who support our ethos of personal individual integrity.
  • Their emphasis is on concern for each other first and foremost as individuals, not our mental health status.
  • They are working together with others towards a better understanding of mental health, illness and distress.
  • They seek to remove the barriers to acceptance and inclusion which are so of ten a part of our society.
  • Mental health problems cross all boundaries of race, gender, culture, faith, social status and sexuality.