Quo Vadis Trust

Quo Vadis Trust (QVT) provides social housing, care & support for people in South East London living with mental health challenges. They have approximately 150 Clients living with them, residing across 20 different properties, whether it be in bedsits / studios, one bed flats, and shared houses. They also have a registered Care Home in Sidcup.

At QVT, effective involvement of Service Users is of central importance. QVT aim to build a reputation for involving Clients to design and use services within QVT, while also contributing to their local community and utilising the external services available to them. Quo Vadis Trusts aim is to ensure that the services QVT provide are of high quality and that they are delivered in a comfortable, caring, compassionate and safe environment. QVT recognise that learning from the experiences of the Clients who use their service offerings is essential if QVT is to deliver on its aspiration.

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