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STATUS Employment

Moving towards, gaining and remaining in work.

Status Employment is a registered charity which aims to assist disabled people in finding and retaining paid employment. Status operate in Croydon and Lambeth. 

Status support people with disabilities or mental health problems to find work or move closer to work; this can be through education; training, paid work or volunteering.

An allocated Employment Consultant will:

  • Identify an individual’s current skills.
  • Look at an individuals aspirations.
  • Support an individual to gain and keep employment.
  • Work with individuals and employers to provide a supportive work environment.

About Supported Employment

Founded in 1991, Status Employment was originally set up to help people with learning disabilities find paid employment and allow them to move away from the traditional day centre setting. Using a process called ‘supported employment’, the Employment Consultants were able to support people into paid work for the first time in their lives.

Using a method called ‘Individual Placement and Support’ (IPS), Status are now also able to assist people with mental health problems. The essence of IPS is that an Employment Consultant gets to know each individual. Together they identify the most appropriate jobs for that person, search for a job and then the Employment Consultant provides as much support as is needed to ensure that the person settles into the job and is able to carry out the job to the standards expected.

Click on the links below to find out more about Status Employment services:

Do I need to be referred? No, You can refer yourself or ask your GP or Care Co-ordinator or another member of your support team to refer you to see a Status Employment consultant.

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