MAP Assessment and Liaison Team

They provide a service for people aged 18-65, who live in the London Borough of Croydon or are registered with an aligned GP Practice and have a main diagnosis of a non-psychotic mental illness.

The service provides advice on the best treatment and care options available to people who have moderate to severe mental illness, such as anxiety, depression or personality disorder. People eligible for the multi-disciplinary service must be on the Care Programme Approach (CPA). The CPA is a way of describing what you need in order to get the best care. It is for patients who need to see several people or organisations for their mental health care and treatment. They also provide Outpatient Services for patients with less severe or complex needs. 

They work with a team of health and social care professionals including nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists. They also work closely with the patients, their carers and GPs.